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Sigmoidal Foodstamps.

May 31, 2011

This past week I have been reading about Edward Dewey and his study of “sigmoidal” cycles. The theory being that things typically expereince compounding growth in the begging of its existance, and then level off later in its life cycle. For instance a baby with double in size its first year of existence, then continue at a strong growth pace until our late teens where we stay basically the same height until death.

Dewey found that there were hundreds of things/events/economies that followed this growth curve. Things grow rapidly, then level out and stay that way barring some signifcant type of external development. Here is an example, just google “sigmoidal curve” and you can find thousands:

So what is my point?
Consider this:

I of course have no idea if this growth continues or not. Ill bet you that this doesnt drop anytime soon, and its currently costing us $64 billion a year with roughly 15% of the US population on foodstamps.

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