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Inflation, food stamps, and crime

May 30, 2011

This article about the memorial day bbq being 29% more expensive is pretty interesting, and points to a larger problem.

“Those thinking of hosting a BBQ – even a modest one – can expect to fork out an extra $45 on food to serve a dozen guests.
The total cost comes to $199, or around 29 per cent more than last year… and that’s before soda and alcohol, according to the latest data for metro New York.”

Now lets play a game.

Around 45 million people are on food stamps. Food, diapers, gas, you name it are all much for expensive this year, and no end is in sight. Imagine this is your fiscal profile:
>You have less than $2,000 in all of your families bank accounts
>You make less than $2,389/month [gross] (family of 4), $1,838 net (after some certified expenses)
>Your Land Rover costs $699/month [kidding!]

Your food stamps get you: average monthly benefit was about $133 per person in 2010. This can only be used for food. Its not good food either, its the crap they sell at walmart. Processed, fattening, death bringing crap.

So you cant get a job, and your food stamps buy increasingly much less. What do you do? Let your children starve? No.

You steal stuff or rob people. You have to.

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