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Common Propaganda Ploys

May 30, 2011

From “The Black Science” by Haha Lung
Identification – Politician goes out of his way to ID with the “common man”, plain folks (Have a Guinness)
Argument to the people – speak in the common mans language, some slang etc. appeal to common sense (Y’all)
Bandwagon ploys – “everyone is doing it” (Only a few conspiracy theorists believe my birth certificate is…)
Testimonial – present war heroes and celebs to back your story/pitch your stuff
Name calling – call people “bleeding hearts” or “conspiracy theorists”, “godless”, “soft” Put the bad guys in a box (aka name category)
Stroking ploys – call people “patriots” or “heros”
Generality ploys – dont address issues directly, just use general words and phrases like “justice”, “family values”, “virtues”.
Faulty Reasoning – “The economy tanked by 50% since hes been in office”. maybe that wasnt his fault…
Assumption – “No one in his right mind would/wouldnt think/say/do/agree” etc.
Selective Memory aka lying by omission – forget the facts that dont match your agenda
Pressure ploys – for listeners to chose between two extremes, i.e “Good & Evil” “Safety or Freedom”
Semantics – use play on words, phrase things strangely to confuse your audience
Argument to the man – when all else fails then just attack your opponent personally

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