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Fed is Pulling the Strings

May 13, 2011

The great thing about blogging is that you can make several predictions per day, and then when one happens to randomly be right you can toot your horn and tell the world “just as I predicted!!!” My fed prediction was that they would bluff on no QE3, let things crash (or at least shake) and then come save the day with QE3.

I have no idea if this guess will come true, but at least someone smart like Max Keiser agrees.

The main point of bringing all this up is for commodity investing. The risks are still substantial, and if you are going to get into the silver, gold, oil, stock/etfs that you buy on dips and look to sell calls against those positions as they rise, or trade call spreads. Outright options just have way to much risk as you dont know what the powers that be are up to.

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