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Total Scams

May 11, 2011

Good article from prison planet on FEMA and their options to take over farms or food sources in the event of an emergency. As is well advertised they can now takeover phones and force you to listen or watch messages on the device. They also have an internet kill switch. I don’t know how you can take total comfort in your digital bank account, digital retirement account, credit card, all that. It makes for such easy takeover and control especially in time of emergency. Why does this matter?

Think about the margin hikes, first in silver and now in the energy complex. Obama announces he wants to “get the speculators” a few weeks ago and out comes the CME crushing people with excessive margin hikes. The CME people are either complete idiots are total liars. You don’t think they are corrupt or working for the politicians? Here:

(“Margin Increases Didn’t Cause Silver Slide – CME Clearing Executive,” at 4:08 p.m., misstated the source’s name. The correct version follows:)

NEW YORK (Dow Jones)–Changes to trading deposits are a routine part of market surveillance and did not trigger silver price declines, Kim Taylor, president of CME Clearing, told Dow Jones Newswires.

Silver futures have captivated market attention this week as a five-day cascade wiped away 27% of contract values from last Friday. Several market commentators have pointed to the series of trading deposit increases, known as margins, as the reason behind the declines as less-well-funded traders were forced out …

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