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My 3rd Wold NY Shopping Experience

May 4, 2011

I went to Century 21 in NYC the other day, and it was PACKED. For those of you not familiar with it the store is something like a TJ Maxx or Marshalls on steroids. The place is huge with 4 levels of clothing broken out by departments. They tend to also offer slightly higher end brands as well. It was about 1pm on Wednesday afternoon, and you could not move in there. Nothing but Europeans, wall to wall, frolicking through the isles with carts full of clothes. Many of them buy suitcases at Century 21 because they are buying so much crap they need more room. Kids as their parents “Can I buy this ugly shirt that I’ll never wear, just for the heck of it?” Parents respond “Sure why not? Its basically free!” (only in french). I think I saw one American, and he was in line next to me buying a tie probably for a job interview.

The same thing happened to me at Niketown. I sat lamenting over the price of these running shoes while a fairly middle class European family needed assistance carrying all the stuff they were buying. You could see the pure joy on their faces: “America, so cheap!”

It made me sad. I remembered when I was young going to Mexico with my parents and all the rich white Americans get off a bus as some tourist trap and frolic amongst little stands buying cheap trinkets. Just like those Mexicans I can’t really afford to buy this stuff, but to these foreigners the money was a joke.

One day soon all this is going to settle in with the general US populace. While trends accrue over time, awakenings seem to happen in an instant. We have all been robbed and sold off as financial slaves to the rest of the world and this was my first vision of whats to come.

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