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Deflationists Everywhere

May 4, 2011

So it would seem in an instant everyone believes that the commodities run was just a bubble and owning silver and gold was just stupid. I have no doubt that a lot of people where taken to the cleaners over this last silver move. Its palpable. Bloggers everywhere who did nothing but tout the never ending rise of silver and gold are no where to be seen or say something like “I told you it would go down”. This is what had to happen. The weak longs had to be flushed.

For my part I bought into this weakness a bit, for better or worse (PSLV & USO). Margins levels have been raised across the board. CNBC is making fun of silver. The correction has hit to the point where people say “silver dead”. That could be the case, I have no idea. 6 months from now I think I will be gigging at this post and sub $40 silver.

There are a few things I know for sure. No one wants our debt, the FED is the only one buying it. Tax revenues are getting crushed but the US continues to expand military efforts on pointless wars. Gas is $4 a gallon and the dollar is at 3 year lows. Remember, we IMPORT EVERYTHING! The entire midwest is under feet of water and the corn crop is getting smoked. Will that help the 1 in 7 on food stamps?

The US government thinks we are stupid retards. This bin Laden stuff makes me physically sick and is so obviously full of fraud and distraction. Our days of getting away with all of this sht are numbered, and when it comes time to rectify the problems ill be happy with my silver and gold. Even if I have to try and eat it.

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