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Renters Tax Effective Oct 1

May 2, 2011

This is a prime example of the type of policies the US government is going to enact to start coming after more of our wealth:

The new law states that starting October 1, 2011 all renters shall pay a Renters Tax equal to half the value of their rented home as determined by the government every year. Landlords equally pay the other half.

Make no mistake about it, these laws and wealth grabs will be coming at a faster and more aggressive rate. Keep in mind that at $14 TRILLION dollars worth of US debt (thats ~$650k for EACH FAMILY IN THE US) there is NO AMOUNT OF TAX THAT WILL SOLVE THE DEFICIT. Not only that the Fed is hell bent on destroying the US dollar which creates inflation.


I believe these tax increases will cause major population shifts into states with favorable tax codes like New Hampshire, North Dakota, Florida etc. It also means that people with the wealth and ability to move out of the United States will make that move, taking much needed capital and other resources with them.

This will also only serve to further the desperate position most people are in and increase the probabilities of riots and violence.

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