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Japan’s Printing Means no QE3?

May 1, 2011

Here comes an interesting twist. As I had mentioned before I thought the Fed would drop QE2 and let things fall apart. When people started crying the Fed would come to the rescue with QE3. It appears I may be partially right, because the Fed will stop with QE2 (or so it looks). Why? Because, as posted on zerohedge japan is pumping up the QE like mad.

I have always been led to believe that the only reason the US can get away with such egregious money printing is because it is the worlds reserve currency. Now I am speculating here but if there is some type of agreement that allows Japan to print while the US stops, the Fed can continue with QE3, but indirectly.

Bottom line it appears that the rise in inflation is set to continue. I am certain that this US/Japan collusion with only anger China & Russia even more.

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