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Dollar Rhetoric Increasing

April 25, 2011

Two most interesting stories from over the weekend:

IMF says Age of America over, China to surpass by 2016

China proposes USD holdings cut by 2/3rds

The best part of all of this is that the IMF is really and American organization backed by the Federal Reserve. I don’t believe that they come out with reports like this unless its politically approved. It puts this rumor of Geithner approving plans for the IMF to absorb the fed in a different light. Bretton Woods recently also had many economists predicting or pushing for the end of the dollar as the reserve currency.

I becoming increasingly confident that the dollar is purposely being driven lower and will continue its massive drop. There is no way that the Fed, Geithner, Obama, etc dont understand what they are doing. They just aren’t admitting it.

This accordingly is the main reason I don’t think silver is a bubble yet. The rules are changing, and the rise isn’t based yet on speculation. The lift is on depreciation of the global reserve currency.

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