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Geithner has approved plans for (IMF) to absorb the Fed ???

April 19, 2011

From dailypaul

There is word on the street that Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, has approved plans for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to absorb the Federal Reserve System with an eye to the IMF becoming a global central bank. A “basket of currencies” (which includes the Chinese renmenbi/yuan) is to be created to replace the dollar as the international currency of trade. Plans are for “the basket” to become America’s new currency.

Is it true? There’s no way to confirm the rumor. The same spark that lit the fire under the rumor also suggests it will not be long in coming. If true, I believe it is an act that borderlines Treason. I’m no lawyer, but it seems to this citizen of the United States that my Constitution (which defines government’s limitations) says the only authority for currency and coinage in this country is the United States Congress.


We must consider the results of having the IMF absorb the Federal Reserve System as part of a Global Central Bank and loss of the United States Dollar as the international currency of trade (which would put this economy over the edge and America, as a nation, into third world status from which it may never re-emerge). Having the IMF absorb the Federal Reserve System isn’t the only solution – and it is a far cry from being the best one!

For years I have told readers that George Herbert Walker Bush’s New World Order would be achieved by establishing a world economic system that can be easily morphed into world government. The IMF absorbing the Federal Reserve System is just one step along that path.


We need to pay attention and ensure the IMF stays international and away from America’s financial roots.
I decided to share this article because although it’s stated it cannot be confirmed as true, I do believe we need to stay on our toes and make sure it doesn’t become true!!
With so many distractions of late, I’d hate for this to slip in under the radar.

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