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Gold Silver Oil Update

April 12, 2011

I still laugh at a lot of these bloggers who, every time silver or gold dips evoke this mythological BLYTHE MASTERS using her evil to crush the market. Well, yes she is a real person and maybe not going to make it to heaven (you usually don’t get corporate power like that for doing good deeds). All three assets have had massive runs the last few days/weeks and its MUCH healthier for them to consolidate, shake out some weak hands and continue on. This that go parabolically up only com parabolically down. Personally I would like silver to settle in for a bit around 35, build a new base then continue up. Gold I think has already built a decent base and I think its going to consolidate slightly here and then continue up. Oil I think is headed for 105 (WTI). Notice how the dollar was up today, and realize that there are other market forces besides BLYTHE and the evil empire.


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