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Interesting Gun Class Notes

April 3, 2011
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Some interesting points from my gun class today in Connecticut:

3 places offer courses within a 25 -30 mile radius, and only one could fit me in. It was because another person cancelled.

The instructor said “it used to be sex, drugs & rock and roll was all anyone wanted. now i guess you have to add guns to that. People are anxious”

The price of ammunition is skyrocketing, apparently there are a lot of petroleum based products in a bullet

Only two things will ruin a gun: “Rust and politicians”

If the SHTF the 9mm is the best gun to have because of how common the ammunition is. Its the “NATO” round. (Yes, 22 is even more prevalent but not the stopping power)

He personally carried a 40mm because its stopping power was “95%” and a 9mm was “60%”.

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