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Pondering Radiation.

April 2, 2011

There are many things that aren’t making sense to me right now. All along Japan has said that everything is under control, and even while it was obvious things were worsening, they said “Its no danger”.

Now, I am no scientist but I am just trying to apply some common sense to this. The jet stream blows air from Japan across the pacific to the west coast of the US, which then travels across to the east coast. I get that its not a direct path and there are other jet streams that push winds north/south, etc. Additionally there are high/low pressure systems, rain and all that.

Its been about 3 weeks since stuff started getting shot into the air from japan, and lets say 2 weeks since it hit the US west coast. Stuff has been constantly spewing from Japan, across the coast, and onto us since then.

Massachusetts has found elevated levels of radioactive iodine in the rainwater, which they claim is not yet a threat. That stuff has a half life of 8 days. The key quote there is its “5,000” times below the radiation level where it would have to be to pose a threat.

Funny, the Spokane, washington reading has the same “5,000” quote.

How is that possible? Spokane is directly in front of the Japan jet stream, and Mass is another 2500 miles from there and they have the same amount of radiation? That seems impossible to me.

The FDA site will just tell you that their models don’t predict harmful levels, so move along.

I need some explanation.

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