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Libyas Water Project

March 27, 2011

“The other consideration here is what does Libya have to offer the world besides oil? Water. Fresh Water . Libya has more underground water than it has oil. It has more accessible fresh aquifered water than all the reservoirs in America and Canada combined. And in the desert water is worth its weight in gold.”

“The Great Man Made River” Interesting.
Here is more detail about the project, I have to say it makes some sense to want control of that water. Not really for export to the US but you can dictate who thrives and who dies by controlling such a large water supply. The interesting point in the article is that a meter of water goes from $3.75 under current methods to $0.35.

So what?

The water is drawn from an aquifer system shared with Egypt, Chad, and Sudan. Such transboundary aquifers are a classic case of the tragedy of the commons. As The Economist suggested last fall, an emerging trend in multi-state agreements over shared aquifers offers hope that the tragedy can be avoided.

Gadaffi blew up the water pipeline running to “opposing countries”

Now moving down to Sudan makes some more sense, especially after taking Egypt.


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