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Jefferson’s Factory System

March 22, 2011

I was watching a documentary on Tecumseh, the indian warrior. They mentioned “factory systems” which was a major source of industrialized goods like textiles and, well, booze. It struck me how this was an avenue to get control of the indian population. Put ’em on the dole…like a crackhead….or anyone with a credit card.

The Federal Government attempted to control the Indian fur trade as a means of “civilizing” the Indians in order to acquire Indian hunting grounds. Congress passed four Trade and Intercourse Acts pertaining to Indian affairs and commerce between 1790 and 1799. Under this act, the “Factory System” was established in 1791. The government believed if trade goods were provided at a fair price it would keep the Indian villages close to the factory posts, and eventually lead to the Indians assimilating into the white man culture.

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