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Iran, Saudi, Bahrain, Oil

March 10, 2011

A good interview with George Soros. It backs up my previous notes that countries that play ball with the US and its corporations will be protected, and those that dont will be forced into a “revolution”. The possibility that states are formed based on religious sects seems to be continually forming as well.

Bahrain appears to be heating up, and is the key to all this middle east ongoings. How the saudi handle this dictates Iranian and US influence and appearance on the stage. Bahrain is mostly shi’ite and they hate the sunni’s. Saudi Arabia supports sunni. Iran, shi’ite. You get the picture. And the potential for conflict.

WTI crude is gushing, and if nothing “new” takes place the price is going to drop. Brent is clearly the one to watch, and honestly I continue to think this “day of rage” fizzles.

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