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February 25, 2011

I think its clear that Gaddafi is out, either dead or on a plane full of gold. Its interesting he is offering concessions to the people now, after his threats didnt work all that well. It is supremely interesting that Obama had so much to say about Egypt and is really mum on Libya. Especially considering Lockerbie and the fact that the guy is a real maniac compared to Mubarak. Now I wonder about the bombers relatively recent release, and what deals were made…maybe forward looking?

I think it’ll be relative quiet for the next few days news wise…then well see some new triggers. Noting the timing of the oil margin hikes is curious too. Those things are done without approval or notification to the powers that be. Each time it was done in gold and silver there would be a big selloff on the news then the price would blow past the previous top in a day or too.

Protest map below

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