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Oil Prices Will Bring US Riots

February 22, 2011

“Oil up 9%” is the headline on Drudge, as Brent is up aroun 108 and WTI about 100. I bought oil a few weeks ago and have been down due to this nasty spread breakdown.

Lindsey Williams was adamant that oil was going back to $150, and to watch the middle east. He certainly comes off like a dingbat, but what he said is certainly true. The problems are only spreading, and we need to make the obvious call here that this is all going to shake out to the US/Israel & Iran.

Americans, who didnt give a crap about any of this middle east stuff will start noticing today when every MSM outlet lets them know that their costs for everything, most importantly gas started shooting up. Those that have jobs wont be able to afford getting to them. Desperate people do desperate things…prepare yourself.

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