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Mid East Update

February 10, 2011

everyone knows mubarak isnt stepping down. The US of course wants him too, but then there is this story that the Saudi King was so pissed that we wanted Mubarak out that he had a heart attack. We cant mess with the saudis cause they have our oil. The Saudis are worried about protests in their homeland though, and this is why I am guessing they are saying leave Mubarak alone. The Saudis need stability. THe problem is, the Egyptians are now really pissed. Revolution is going to happen one way or another and if I were a Saudi prince I would keep my G6 fueled up.

From this you have to believe oil is attractively priced as things are about to get worse in the middle east. Risk is high and lets face it, no one has any idea what direction this will all go in.

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