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Vatican Scandal Ctd

February 8, 2011

I wanted to add a new post about this more as a place-marker so I didnt forget some interesting things I came across today. I was talking about the vatican and the half past human reports that some bank/money/fraud things would arise.

Bob Chapman blogged about the issue here, raising some new points (but with no source)

A commenter on another blog brought up the Japanese bond guys from a while back. These were the guys trying to cross the Italian border into Switzerland with a few billion in bonds. I need to research a bit more but I don’t remember hearing anything about that again. Fishy.

All this with one final item…and this could have NOTHING to do with the secret accounts at the Vatican, but Berlusconi is going to court on ordering a hooker. The Vatican is “concerned”. Hah.

Wait – one more. Remember the huge mob bust a few weeks ago? Nothing says Italy like the mob.

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