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Middle east tensions

February 8, 2011

As I mentioned before there is one main reason for the US to get involved with Egypt, and thats the Suez. Sure there are a bunch of other “regional influence” items, but I don’t think that would drive much. Unless of course this protest thing continues to spread into oil producing countries (Egypt is responsible <1% of oil). There are all sorts of signs pointing to bigger trouble, and for the US to act it has to have cause.

Cause #1: Pipeline blast. I have to do a fresh search but I dont think anyone has claimed responsibility for this. But now gas isnt flowing to Israel. Israel could probably use this as cause for war.

Cause #2: The canal., which had serious rumors of a strike today. My money (literally) is on an issue there.

Also today Israel ordered a fence built on the Egyptian border and an Israeli commander urged readiness for use of “all-out force”. Couple that with US Marines staged off the coast an it seems like something big is brewing. Add in a pipeline that someone blew up (wouldn’t surprise me if the US sabotaged it as cause for violence) and things are a very, very long way from settled.

Also note that the Kuwait interior minister just resigned due to protest – and my time is a bit short here but look at this map below. Mentally add a star for kuwait, iraq (not a protest state per se but a friggin mess), add in some talk of an Oman protest and suddenly, Saudi’s are surrounded….food for thought.

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  1. February 8, 2011 15:49

    interesting indeed

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