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ATF Gunwalker Scandal

February 5, 2011

I have been reading a bit more about this ATF/Mexican gun running, and the latest “Gunwalker” scandal. The article alleges that the ATF runs guns over the Mexican border, creating problems which is can solve in order to justify its existence. A border agent was killed, allegedly, by ATF and a Senator has tried to get to the bottom of it and apparently being stonewalled. An investigation into this killing could reveal a lot of very, very ugly things.

Main stream media reports that Terry was killed December 15th in a shootout with bandits. He was killed during an operation called “Project Gunwalker” which was monitoring a gun deal involving serious weapons (AK47’s). The ATF actually smuggled the weapons into Mexico (while monitoring them), then “lost” track of the guns. They reappear in a shootout which kills a border patrol agent.

The larger scandal is of course this gun running the possibilty that all these guns and killing in and around the border is with guns supplied in large part by the ATF. The question is how high up the food chain does his go? We’ll see what comes of this…but certainly already a lot of death from all this gun violence. I really hope our guys aren’t responsible.

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