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Rant Time

February 4, 2011

Lets see where we stand…

Gold and silver had strong moves, and depending on who you listen too it came from the <a href="“>”Brothers of Muslimhood” annoucing they would attack israel, or the Fed speech which, by denying inflation inherently admits to being a dirty friggin liar.

The Euro/dollar pingpong continued with the ECB saying “no way we are raising” and the result was a Euro smackdown. I mentioned this before, Euro will die, dollar will die…but in the interim the powers that be will play them off eachother to keep things afloat.

The overall market really hasn’t moved much on this Egypy/Yemen/Jordan news, and again thats because oil & the suez hasnt been materially affected. Its hard to believe that Mubarak is making any of his own decisions, attacking protests with camels and all that.

Now, I mentioned before I am going to watch the elite and see what they say. Well, Kissinger says that this Egypt thing is just the start. Soros is blaming jews for Egyptian problems. saying that jews don’t want a egyptian democracy because that will hurt Israel. Its dribble.

The more you listen to various bizarre options, the more you feel like Linsey Williams is right about this whole thing being a distraction.

Everything still depends on the dollar. WHEN it dies, everything collapses. Timing is the only question.

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