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Judy Shelton: US to Wreck dollar to increase exports

February 1, 2011

WSJ The Wrong Way to Double Exports Really must read it but the summary is the government will wreck the dollar to make our exports more competitive. So you can get a manufacturing job, but are earning less because your dollar is worth, well less. Yes, worthless.

“Let’s not compromise our currency in a misguided attempt to boost U.S. job growth. America’s best future is forged through sound finances and sound money.”

President Grover Cleveland asserted in his second inaugural address, delivered on March 4, 1893:

“Manifestly nothing is more vital to our supremacy as a nation and to the beneficent purposes of our government than a sound and stable currency. Its exposure to degradation should at once arouse to activity the most enlightened statesmanship, and the danger of depreciation in the purchasing power of the wages paid to toil should furnish the strongest incentive to prompt and conservative precaution.”


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