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Interesting Gold & Silver

January 26, 2011

Harvey Organ tends to maybe be a bit sensationalist.

Scotiabank, aka The Bank of Nova Scotia, a major Canadian Bank, is engaged in dubious activities with respect to gold and silver, so says Harvey Organ. Here you have a guy who, because of a family wanting to rearrange their finances, brought auditors to the Bank of Nova Scotia to do an audit of the family bullion in storage.

Scotiabank, at first, refused but finally Mr. Organ’ son got into the vault and discovered that their stash was gone.


The interesting thing is that today I purchased the latest report from Half Past Human which is based on technology that essentially greps the internet and makes predictions based on the information it reads. The predictions are founded by a principal that (from what I understand) there is a collective consciousness that exists unknown to us but comes out linguistically. Point being: the predictions depict massive fraud and a huge move in the precious metals based on this fraud, and apparently this is going to happen in the next few months.

I am also intrigued by several stories appearing like the egyptian (Here)and tunisian stories, and the guy from mexico, that point to people taking gold and making a run for it. Thats interesting stuff…

Now obviously there are a lot of gold bugs out there and people like Harvey talking about the lack of physical behind the paper contracts. So its easy to see how a machine looking through the internet would find all sorts of hits on this type of thing, but the information is enhanced or detailed to an extent isn’t reflected in the blogosphere. Buy the report if you are interested, its only $10.

No one really knows the paper:physical ratio out there, but I’m guessing if the SHTF and you have a bunch of gold in your vault, yours or not, you aren’t going to give it up. Its common knowledge that central banks can lend gold, so it seems reasonable to believe that banks are doing some similar stuff. If you are a big bank, AND you dont have any gold in your vaults, AND someone is going to take delivery…you have a problem.


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