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Foreign Trade Zones – FTZ

January 26, 2011

Conspiracy sites are aflutter with a rumor that the US has basically given 30k acres to the Chinese. This land is an “Foreign Trade Zone” which they claim means its not even US property any longer.

Each and every one of our state governors has approved and allocated a certain amount of acres of their U.S. state land to be inhabited by Chinese communists –communists straight from China!  They are to set up little towns and live here, supposedly for the purpose of producing Chinese products for sale in the U.S.A.  The land the states are giving them for their little towns will be considered “foreign territory”!!!   We are told that the laws of the state (in which these Chinese communists dwell) will apply to the communist Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ).

FTZ – foreign trade zone. Government site here.

A foreign-trade zone is a designated location in the United States where companies can use special procedures that help encourage U.S. activity and value added – in competition with foreign alternatives – by allowing delayed or reduced duty payments on foreign merchandise, as well as other savings.

Merchandise in a zone may be assembled, exhibited, cleaned, manipulated, manufactured, mixed, processed, relabeled, repackaged, repaired, salvaged, sampled, stored, tested, displayed and destroyed.

From the san diego city government:

opportunity for companies seeking innovative solutions to the many challenges associated with conducting international trade. A Foreign Trade Zone is an area that is physically located within the United States, but deemed to be outside the territory of U.S. Customs. Businesses located in the Foreign Trade Zone in Otay Mesa at the U.S.-Mexico border can import/export most foreign made parts, components and merchandise without payment of U.S. Customs duties, fees and certain taxes.

The only thing I could find in reference to this “Chinese takeover” is from this government site, which points to a 250 acre site for an energy tech company called Hoku, which is owned by a Chinese company (haven’t had a chance to verify that).

Im going to keep watching this, but so far it seems like the only benefits are tax related and cant find anything which points to the land no longer being US property.

Run for your lives!!!

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