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Taco Bell “Meat”

January 25, 2011

Suing Taco Bell over a lack of beef is pretty funny. People crack me up. As a public company they have to drive to lower costs and drive revenues up, and at a certain point they cant continue to increase EPS with fillet mignon. This is one of the problem with being a public company….but i digress.

UPDATE, 1/25/11: Taco Bell has fired back at a lawsuit alleging that their taco meat filling cannot legally be referred to as “beef.” Scroll down for their response.

You can’t demand a dollar menu from a company, then turn around and get pissed its not prime beef. What don’t people understand about this? Just like with taxes, people don’t want to pay higher taxes but they flip their shlt when the roads aren’t plowed, or their schools are closed.

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