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China Looks Down On England

June 27, 2011

It’s pretty incredible to read an article like this. The economic baton has been passes from west to east, at least as far as Europe is concerned. Aging societies which produce nothing that creates real wealth are put on notice.

As Wen Jiabao, the Chinese premier, stepped off his plane in Birmingham on Saturday, it was difficult to avoid the feeling that the UK, and Europe, have never looked weaker in Chinese eyes.
In private, senior Chinese diplomats are now openly scornful of Britain’s economic prospects and have even asked why Mr Wen should grace such a weak trading partner with three days of his time.
Indeed, it is telling that the first stop on Mr Wen’s tour is Longbridge, the old MG Rover car factory that passed into Chinese hands in 2005. Once a byword for poor productivity, wildcat strikes and trade union power in its British Leyland and Austin Rover days, the plant is now host to China’s biggest industrial presence in the UK. Owned by Shanghai Automobile Industry Corporation, the factory designs and assembles MG cars in the UK made from car parts manufactured in China.
However, the Longbridge site remains the only major example of Sino-British co-operation, something that the Prime Minister, David Cameron, whose advisers have helped co-ordinate the visit, is determined to change.

West India Has Moved to

June 17, 2011

please visit

Off topic- the purpose of airplane seatbelts

June 9, 2011

I just had a flight attendant tell me (on a choppy flight) that the real purpose of airplane seatbelts is to keep bodies strapped to a seat in the event of a crash. Not for safety, but to keep the seat/body together for “recovery”. I sadly think that’s partially true. I know turbulence can pop you out of the chair and on a bumpy landing it would keep you in the seat….maybe the attendant just didn’t like me.

Silver Update

June 6, 2011
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Silver and gold hung in pretty well despite the stronger dollar today. The CME does appear to have supply problems which could be interesting but I doubt will play out to be anything major. Dont get me wrong, I hope it does, but Im not betting on it. Unfortunately for me I cant but any more silver because my last round of coins was at 47.50 and I have a rule of not ever averaging down. I have been toying with the idea of a gold purchase or two. My major concern here is a larger move up in the dollar courtesy of the crapshow in europe. Should Greece not get the cash we could see a pretty swift move in currency land which will have a major impact on silver and gold.

The Irony of “Proper”.com

June 6, 2011 is a peer to peer lending site. desperate individuals can create an account and receive funds from individuals willing to lend. Prosper assigns a credit rating and asks the individual to describe why they need the cash, and thats the interesting part. All borrowers are in some sort of situation involving massive debt, low income, and no way out. When you have income of $2500 a month and 10-15k in debt at 20-35% YOU ARE SCREWED. Proper’ing, no.

To wit:

Purpose of loan:
This loan will be used to consolidating outstanding medical (~$10k) and credit card (~$15k @ 15.99%) bills. My oldest son had an unexpected surgery which was unexpected and more expensive than my insurance estimated.

My financial situation:
I am a good candidate for this loan because my company is stable and growing and my wife’s daycare business has been very good during these tough economic times.

Additionally about 4yrs the investors of Prosper were kind enough to provide for me and that loan was paid off within 9 months. It is my intent to have this loan paid off within 2 years.

Thank-you for your consideration in funding this loan.”


Purpose of loan:
This loan will be used to pay off 3 high interest credit cards so they can be closed. All 3 cards have interest rates of 29 – 35%.

My financial situation:
I am a good candidate for this loan as I have a wonderful job with great job security.
The monthly payment due for this loan will be less than the current payment for the 3 cards which is $330.00 a month.

Monthly net income: $2700.00
Monthly expenses: $2100.00
Housing: $1050.00
Insurance: $85.00
Car expenses: $220.00
Utilities: $100.00
Phone, cable, internet: $145.00
Food, entertainment: $200.00
Clothing, household expenses: $200.00
Credit cards and other loans: $ 100.00 minimum due”

News Is Seemingly Pointless

June 6, 2011

I have to admit to recently giving up on much news consumption. At some point you become comfortable/numb to the fact that we are in trouble in every shape and form and that the government and politicians aren’t going to do anything about it. I am starting to believe that they really want these bad things to happen, like joblessness, homelessness, starvation, etc. So what does the average person do? I search high and low and can not come up with any concrete idea. The problem is the government can and will do anything, especially in an act of desperation, that renders nothing a “sure shot”. Take the obvious answer of gold and silver, then look at the margin hikes by the CME. Below are the few things I am certain of:

  • The US is fiscally screwed, and the politicians know this. As a result expect higher taxes, more fees, and the will make a grab at your retirement asses. The stock market will go up or it will go down.
  • Crime is certain to increase. You have the potent ingredients of desperate people, and fewer police.

Thats it. So, I save some money and watch my back more carefully.

Top Twitter Trends, Lord Help Us.

June 5, 2011

In my search to learn more about the addictions of social media, I came across this list. The surprising part is that at least one reality (not “reality”) based topic made it in: the spanish protests.

Top Twitter Topics of Past week:
May 28 was the UEFA Champions League final between Manchester United and Barcelona. Barcelona won, 3-1. Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes annouced his retirement from playing football on May 31. He will now work as a coach with the club. Soccer fans also discussed their displeasure with FIFA president Sepp Blatter who was unopposed in his controversial re-election.
NBA Finals
The NBA Finals series began this week between the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks. Users came up with some new nicknames for players: Batman & Robin, LeBum, LeChicken and Dirk NoRingski. The series is tied, 1-1.
Justin Bieber
This week, Bieber fever continues unabated with new trends primarily coming from fans in Latin America.
Sean Kingston
Singer Sean Kingston got in a jet skiing accident in Florida and was in critical condition. He has now stabilized.
Gil Scott-Heron
Gil Scott-Heron was an influential poet and musician who died on May 27 at the age of 62. His most well-known piece is the radical “The Revolution Will Not be Televised.”
Spanish Protests
At approximately 7 a.m. on May 27, the city council of Barcelona decided to send 350 police officers from the Mossos d’Esquadra and another 100 or so from the Guàrdia Urbana to temporarily vacate Plaça de Catalunya so that it could be cleaned ahead of the final of the Champions League final on May 28. According to police figures, more than 12,000 people gathered in Barcelona through the course of the day, angry about the earlier actions of the police.The clearing of the Barcelona camp was broadcast live by two Spanish television channels, including Antena 3, and was also widely dispersed through social networks like Twitter.
Demi Lovato
“Lovatics,” or Demi Lovato fans, took to Twitter to send supportive messages to her.
Britain’s Got Talent
This UK variety show aired semi-final rounds every night this week, garnering the series a lot of time in Twitter’s top trends. Contestants generating the most discussion were organist Jean Martyn, Steven Hall, Edward Reid (who sang a bunch of kids’ TV theme songs), Joe Oakley, Ronan Parke and Jay Worley.
Marilyn Monroe
Users noted Marilyn Monroe’s 85th birthday would have occurred on June 1, 2011 if she were still living.
Single Ladies
VH1′s first scripted series, Single Ladies, stars Lisa Raye and Stacey Dash, and premiered this week on Monday night. The show is written and created by Stacy Littlejohn and directed by Tamra Davis.

Silver and gold rebounding

June 3, 2011

They are odd the lows here with the s&p still at lows. If they can break stock market correlation they will be on great shape.

Ugly today

June 3, 2011

The jobs number was terrible and sent stock futures down a bit over 1%. Silver and oil are getting hit hard but remarkably gold is hanging in there. for silver I think we might see 35 hold but 30 might be the real number.

Pemex sues US companies over buying stolen gas

June 2, 2011

My guess is that the US gov will fine the US companies a few thousand bucks, then they will use that money for AR15’s which they’ll pass along to the Mexican drug cartel.

Eleven U.S. companies are being sued by Mexico’s state-run oil company Pemex for purchasing as much as $300 million worth of fuel they say was stolen by drug cartels and smuggled across the border to America.

Pemex’s suit was filed in a U.S. district court in Texas on Sunday, and claims some companies worked with Mexican drug gangs to forge documents and illegally bring natural gas condensates in the U.S.

The complaint filed by the Pemex’s exploration and production (PEP) unit read:

“The defendants have participated and profited—knowingly or unwittingly—in the trafficking of stolen condensate in the United States and have thereby encouraged and facilitated the Mexican organized crime groups that stole the condensate.

“PEP has lost large amounts of its condensate, at times approaching 40 percent of the production of condensate from the Burgos field. Since 2006, more than $300 million worth of condensate has been stolen.

“Since August 2006, no Pemex entity has sold PEP condensate. Thus, any Mexican condensate which entered the United States after August 2006 was stolen and brought in without title or right.”

Mexican relies heavily on the revenue from its state-controlled oil industry, as it accounts on about 40 percent of the government’s annual revenues.

Pemex truckers were held at gunpoint, the lawsuit says, and the criminals even built pipelines and tunnels to move the gas condensates into the U.S.

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